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Entrée to Black Paris Blog is One of 10 BEST Paris Blogs

Saturday, October 27th, 2012
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Monique Y. Wells’ Entrée to Black Paris blog is finally getting the recognition we believe it so richly deserves – it has been named one of 10 BEST Paris blogs by award-winning travel writer Mike Gerrard!

Gerrard is a full-time, award-winning author, blogger, and publisher. His numerous publications about Paris include the Top 10 Paris – Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide (DK Travel; penned with his wife, Donna Dailey), Colors of Paris (Thunder Bay Press), and Paris: A City Revealed (Metro Books). As a man who knows the city intimately, he recently made his selection of 10 best Paris blogs. We were thrilled to find our blog among them!

Here’s Mike’s description of Entrée to Black Paris:

What it is: Monique Y. Wells covers a fascinating niche subject – black history, culture and contemporary life in Paris.

Why we like it: Specialist passions make for some of the best blogs, and the relationship of Paris with its black population (for better or worse) provides some stimulating reading. Monique doesn’t just cover the well-documented ground of black writers, musicians and other artists in Paris’s past, like Chester Himes and Josephine Baker, but keeps it current by interviewing black chefs, lawyers and other prominent figures.

Find Mike’s entire list of 10 BEST Paris blogs on the Web site 101 Holidays.

Big Turnout for Big-Bash Fifth-Anniversary Party Last Night

Thursday, July 7th, 2011
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Last night saw a big turnout for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the founding of Richard Nahem’s Eye Prefer Paris insider’s guide to the city.

The event was held at Ô Château! wine bar, where Richard provided a generous number of charcuterie and cheese platters.

Richard Nahem and partner Vincent

Among the attendees were several bloggers, including:

Adrian Leeds of Parler Paris
Yetunde Oshodi of Like Home in Paris
Kim Petyt of Parisian Party
Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson of Colleen’s Paris
Robyn Blaber of A Canadian in Paris
Monique Y. Wells of Entrée to Black Paris

Photographer Meredith Mullins, salon hostess Patricia Laplante-Collins, and chefs Eric Fraudeau and Diane Anthonissen graced the event.

Olivier Magny

Thirza Vallois

Mary R. Duncan

A number of writers were in attendance, including Ô Château owner Olivier Magny, (Stuff Parisians Like), Thirza Vallois (Around and About Paris), and Mary R. Duncan (Henry Miller is under my bed).

And, of course, yours truly, Tom Reeves was there, mingling with the crowd. The abridged version of my book, Paris Insights – An Anthology, is available on-line for the ridiculously low price of a Tweet. To learn more, follow this link:

A good time was had by all!

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Peggy and Jeff Love Paris

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
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Peggy Tournigand and Jeff Ruiz
Photography by Alain Elorza

Peggy and Jeff are two provincials who love Paris and love to blog about it. I had the opportunity to talk with them recently to learn about their passion for the city.

Peggy hails from Valance, capital of an administrative département in the south of France called the Drôme. Jeff comes from the Auvergne region in the central part of the country. Although each has an American-sounding name, they are both French! Peggy’s father once worked in England and gave his daughter an English name; and “Jeff” is short for the initials “JF” from his formal name, Jean-François.

Peggy and Jeff met 10 years ago on the Internet, through a Web chat site called CaraMail (no longer in existence). Their coming together over the Internet is yet another example of how the Web is changing people’s lives. Since 2008, Peggy has been working as a safety manager for a large energy company, and Jeff has been self-employed as a Web-site business promoter @

Having moved to Paris about five years ago, Peggy and Jeff decided that the city had an undeserved, negative reputation among French provincials. Unlike many Americans who view the city as a glamorous, beautiful, adventurous place to visit, Peggy and Jeff’s friends in the provinces thought of the city as being grey, cold, rainy, polluted, traffic-choked, and full of rude people. Not a positive image! Because they now call the city home and have firsthand knowledge of its attributes, Peggy and Jeff decided to start a blog to promote its positive aspects and to counteract its negative ones. Hence, their blog was born.

The blog is updated almost daily and gives a lot of great information about Paris and its environs. For example, one recent article treated the King’s Vegetable Garden in Versailles, and another featured a video of the organizer of the Festival des Passages that will be held this Thursday and Friday in Paris. Although the blog is in French, non-Francophones will be able to find photographs, Google maps, and Web site addresses that should inspire them to do additional research for interesting things to do in Paris.

Peggy writes 95% of the articles that appear on the blog. The remaining 5% are contributed by friends and persons who love the city. Both Peggy and Jeff view the blog as a “life-changing” event that has brought both of them into contact with persons that they would not otherwise have ever met. More specifically, it recently brought together 112 persons at a Parisian restaurant to celebrate the blog’s second anniversary. (I blogged about this event last Friday.)

When I asked them what plans they have for the future, Peggy and Jeff told me that they will soon open one of the rooms in their apartment in the 19th arrondissement to travelers who seek an accommodation at a bread and breakfast establishment. This will give them additional opportunities to meet new people and provide the guests who stay there the chance to meet two transplanted provincials who are passionate about Paris!