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Join Us for Our Black History in and around the Luxembourg Garden Walk

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017
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Luxembourg Palace Viewed from the Upper Terrace
Photograph by Discover Paris!

Traveling to #Paris soon? Click to view our schedule for our #BlackHistory in and around the #LuxembourgGarden walk:

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Black History in and around the Luxembourg Garden

Sunday, July 16th, 2017
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Cassandra, Kyna, Charles, and Samantha
Photograph by Discover Paris!

Cassandra, Kyna, Charles, and Samantha pose for a photograph on the steps of the upper terrace of the Luxembourg Garden. They took our “Black History in and around the Luxembourg Garden” walk today. A good time was had by all!

Traveling to Paris soon? Click here to view our schedule for this popular walk:

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Lion by Heuraux in the Luxembourg Garden

Friday, July 14th, 2017
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View of the Luxembourg Palace
Photograph by Discover Paris!

Explore the Luxembourg Garden and learn about black history there. Click here to see our schedule:

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Black History in and around the Luxembourg Garden – Our Open Walking Tour

Sunday, July 9th, 2017
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Group of July 9, 2017
Photograph by Discover Paris!

This morning opened with sunny weather and I was glad that the threat of rain had passed. Everyone arrived at the starting point in time for us to begin on schedule — there were four groups from various parts of the United States, including Miami and Washington D.C., plus Tatiana Balabanis, a Wells International Foundation intern, for a total of nine persons.

For much of the tour, I was able to find places for the clients to sit in shady spots while I gave my presentation. Consequently, by the end of the two-hour walk, I think that most of them still had energy to pursue whatever activities they had planned for the rest of the day.

I enjoyed chatting with these women. I learned that one is a judge of a high court, another is a veterinarian, and a third is professor of psychology at a university.

A good time was had by all!

Interested in taking a walk to explore African-American history in the City of Light? For a private group tour, contact us at least six weeks in advance of your arrival date in Paris. To join an open group tour, register at least two days prior to the date of the scheduled walk.

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We’re on CNN!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
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Monique Y. Wells Presenting Our New Josephine Baker Walk

Monique Y. Wells Presenting
Our New Josephine Baker Walk

Photograph by

We’re super excited about the CNN article that came out yesterday about African Americans in Paris. Entrée to Black Paris is featured in the third—and longest—section! In the article, you’ll find links to Southern Passion Lounge in Paris, Black Paris Profiles, and our newest Josephine Baker walk. Click on the embedded link above to “read all about it!”

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Entrée to Black Paris Tours™ – Special Offer!

Friday, January 14th, 2011
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Are you traveling to Paris in 2011?  Take advantage of Discover Paris’ Entrée to Black Paris™ SPECIAL OFFER for a discounted tour!  Read more below…


Discover Paris’ Entrée to Black Paris™ (ETBP) tours and activities reveal the story of Paris through the black experience. We are developing them to help increase awareness of Paris’ rich black heritage among all people – particularly those who already know and love Paris, and are seeking new avenues of exploration to enrich their cultural appreciation of the city. We have received many positive reviews for our tours (given by our guides Monique and Tom) , and invite you to read about them here:

An Alien Parisienne

30 Days in Paris

Monique Giving Her "Black Paris after WWII" Walk

Tom Giving His "Black History in and around the Luxembourg Garden" Walk

As an introduction to our Entrée to Black Paris™ tours and activities, we are offering:

• a 10% discount on the tour or activity of your choice
• a free downloadable DP! walk (a $25-$30 value)
• a special online viewing of a video entitled “Images of Contemporary Black Paris”

to those who engage us to provide a self-guided ETBP itinerary or private ETBP walking tour, museum tour, or presentation in 2011.

"Black Paris after WWII" with the American Club of Paris

Celebrating Josephine Baker on "The Black Pearl Walk"

To take advantage of this special offer, send us an e-mail prior to January 31, 2011 at


indicating that you would like to reserve this “ETBP Special Offer” for your trip. Then, contact us six weeks prior to your trip so that we may prepare and ship your self-guided itinerary or assure the availability of a private guide for your desired tour.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Entrée to Black Paris Tours™ – Special Offer!

Monique Leads Paris Bloggers on an “Entrée to Black Paris” Tour

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
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Bruce and Pamela Murray (on the left)
Monique Y. Wells (center)
(c) Discover Paris!

Bruce and Pamela Murray came to Paris to spend thirty days and to write about their daily experiences on Facebook. We first met them for dinner on Thursday, October 6, at which time we proposed that they join Monique, my wife and Discover Paris! business partner, for a guided walking tour that highlights the lives of notable African-American writers who lived in Paris after WWII.

The walking tour took place last Thursday under a beautiful autumn sky. Three other persons, including two Paris bloggers, joined the group.

The tour lasted two hours. Monique’s presentation incorporated not only anecdotes about writers Richard Wright, James Baldwin, and Chester Himes, but also the stories of many other persons of color, including French writer Alexandre Dumas and Senegalese historian and anthropologist Cheikh Anta Diop.

Bruce and Pamela wrote a great review about Monique’s tour on their 30 Days in Paris Facebook page. Thank you, Bruce and Pamela!