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Tasting Fig Bread with Mont d’Or

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
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Fig Bread and Mont d'Or

Fig Bread and Mont d’Or
Photograph by

We have occasionally been stopping by a new bakery located on the corner of rue Flatters and rue Bertholet called Les Pains d’Alexis. Although Alexis does not produce a wide variety of breads, the ones that he makes are delicious. They are sold by the kilogram and customers can request the amount that they desire.

We recently purchased a half-loaf of Alexis’ fig bread and decided to taste it with Mont d’Or, a creamy, runny, raw cow’s-milk cheese made in the Franche-Comté region of France. Our favorite place for cheese is Patrick Veron on rue Mouffetard.

I told Mr. Veron that we would be eating the cheese right away, so he selected one for me that was particularly ripe.

Back home, we sliced the fig bread thinly and spread it with the runny Mont d’Or. Mr. Vernon had selected the cheese well—it had a wonderfully mild “welcome to the farm” aroma and a slightly tangy taste. The bread was chewy and tasted earthy. What a great flavor combination!

Les Pains d'Alexis and Fig Bread

Les Pains d’Alexis and Fig Bread
Photograph by

Les Pains d’Alexis
18, rue Flatters
75005 Paris

Patrick Veron and Mont d'Or

Patrick Veron and Mont d’Or
Photograph by

Fromagerie Patrick Veron
105, rue Mouffetard
75005 Paris

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