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Last Minute Shopping for Mother’s Day

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
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Carpet of Flowers
(c) Discover Paris!

For late Mother’s Day shoppers, here is an added incentive to spring into action and buy your mother a gift before it is too late. Purchase a copy of Paris Insights – An Anthology before May 9th, and Discover Paris! will send you a color-photo-laden document of a promenade through a lesser-known garden destination that your mom will enjoy reading about or visiting when she is in Paris. All you need to do is forward the message that you receive as confirmation of your order to us at

within 24 hours of your purchase. We will then send you this complementary bonus gift for your Mother’s Day gift recipient.

The Travelers’ edition is available on We now have nine 5-star reviews on Amazon! At $13.22, it is significantly less expensive than the Premium edition, which costs $39.95. Click here to buy your copy now.

The Premium edition of Paris Insights – An Anthology is available at Over 100 color photos and sky-blue paper heighten your pleasure in reading this version of the book. Click here for a preview or to purchase your copy now.

One of these editions is bound to fit your mom’s taste as well as your pocketbook. Whichever you choose, no other book presents the city of Paris in such a lively, informative, and vividly illustrated fashion. Order your Mother’s Day gift now!