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A Visit to the Marché de Saint-Denis – Part V

Sunday, April 8th, 2012
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Mathilde Christnacht and Rudy Barious

Mathilde Christnacht and Rudy Barious
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After Philippe finished his shopping, he returned to the restaurant with his groceries to begin preparation of the lunchtime service. Mathilde and I stayed at the market a while longer, as there was one more thing that she wanted me to see.

Mathilde took me over to the crêperie stand that was operated by Rudy Barious. I blogged about his shop La Bigoudène Café back in March and was both surprised and happy to find him here cooking up crêpes for early-morning shoppers!

Rudy Making Sarrasin Crêpe with Chestnut Honey

Rudy Making Sarrasin Crêpe with Chestnut Honey
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I ordered a sarrasin (buckwheat) crêpe with chestnut honey. Rudy advised me that the honey would taste slightly bitter, but I didn’t change my mind.

Indeed, the crêpe did taste bittersweet. However, I enjoyed the rustic, earthy flavor of the buttered buckwheat crêpe with chestnut honey. A delicious combination!

That ended my morning with Philippe and Mathilde at the Saint-Denis market. There is so much more to see! I’ll return soon.

Marché de Saint-Denis
Place Victor Hugo
93200 Saint-Denis
Open Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Métro: Basilique de Saint-Denis (Line 13)

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