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Inside the Easter Egg

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
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Easter egg from Mococha Chocolats

Easter Egg from Mococha Chocolats
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We purchased an Easter egg from Mococha Chocolats and took it home to see what treasures were hidden within.

Teddy and Angry Egg

Teddy Bear, Angry Egg, and “Friture”
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Voilà! There were three chocolates by master chocolate-maker Pierre Chapon: a Teddy bear, an angry egg, and a “friture.” The Teddy bear was composed of white chocolate enrobing a mixture of hazelnut praliné and white chocolate. The composition of the angry egg was similar that of the Teddy, except that it contained more white chocolate than praliné. And the “friture” (which means “little fish for frying” in French) was smooth milk chocolate with a pronounced vanilla flavor. All tasted dreamy!

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