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Damyel Kosher Chocolates

Sunday, August 29th, 2010
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Bag of Damyel Chocolates
(c) Discover Paris!

Damyel Chocolates, located at 29, rue Richer in the 9th arrondissement prepares parve chocolates that contain no animal fat or milk protein. We stopped by and selected five different confections to sample. All have dark-chocolate coatings containing dark-chocolate ganache.

The first we sampled is a rectangular-shaped confection displaying the molded image of a leaf. It contained a whole, blanched almond nestled in the ganache.

The second was in the shape of an artist’s palette. Similar in taste to the first, it contained morsels of pistachio that were layered between the dark-chocolate shell and the ganache.

The third, in the shape of a dome, displayed a molded flower. I identified the bits of nuts that it contained as crushed hazelnut.

The fourth, chestnut shaped, contained bits of crunchy cocoa.

The fifth was dome-shaped and topped with a swirl. It reminded me of the standard shape of a chocolate-covered cherry. However, in this case it contained not a cherry, but a whole hazelnut.

We found the dark-chocolate shells of all of the confections to be fairly firm, and the ganache to be almost as smooth as gianduja. While they are delectable sweets, we were disappointed that the only difference from one chocolate to the other was that different nuts were used. The taste of the chocolate shell and the ganache was the same.

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