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Bière de Noël

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012
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Bière de Noël - Brasserie Thiriez

Bière de Noël – Brasserie Thiriez
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In celebration of the holiday season, I purchased a bottle of Bière de Noël, brewed by Brasserie Thiriez in the town of Esquelbecq in northern France.

Poured into a glass, this amber beer develops a frothy head that quickly dissipates. Clear on the first pour, it became progressively cloudy as I got down to the bottom of the bottle. (Brasserie Thiriez does not filter its beers.) It has a strong malty flavor that is followed by a bitter aftertaste. The beer was fairly sweet by the last pour, at the point where the beer was the cloudiest.

In Paris, the Bière de Noël by Brasserie Thiriez can be purchased at La Cave à Bulles, a shop that specializes in French artisanal beers.

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