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Healing the Earth

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
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Aymeric in the Luxembourg Garden

Aymeric in the Luxembourg Garden
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On Friday evening I encountered Aymeric near the Luxembourg Garden where I saw him walking along the sidewalk sprinkling water on trees and shrubs that grow along the walkway. He told me that he was applying a “Maria Thun preparation” to the soil. We entered the garden and he proceeded to dip his brush into the bucket that he was carrying and, with a flipping motion of the wrist, flick a few drops of the solution onto the plants and grass. He said that a homeopathic dose was all that was necessary.

Paris-born Aymeric recently completed an 18-month course in biodynamics in London and hopes to get a job on a farm in Australia. According to information that I gleaned from the Web site address for Le Mouvement de l’Agriculture Bio-Dynamique that he gave me, biodynamics is based on the concept that plants have life forces that must be respected in order for them to grow and flourish.

I wrote about French filmmaker Guillaume Bodin’s documentary on biodynamic wine in the August 2012 edition of Paris Insights newsletter.

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