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Wasabi from Taiwan

Wasabi from Taiwan
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During the chocolate tasting that I blogged about yesterday, a young woman stepped into the store. Her name is Wasabi, and she is from Taiwan. She told me that she is studying art in Florence.

I asked her if she was in Paris during her spring break and she replied affirmatively. She also told me that she was traveling alone. Her response greatly impressed me because so many people refuse to travel because they are afraid to travel by themselves and don’t have anyone to travel with. Here was a young, soft-spoken woman who didn’t seem at all perturbed by the idea of traveling solo in a foreign country. Even more amazing (to my mind, at least), she told me that she doesn’t speak French! She had come upon the chocolate shop full of people conversing in French and stepped right in. She speaks English quite well, and seems to get around fine in that language.

Will her story inspire those who yearn to travel but are afraid to travel alone?

After she purchased some chocolates, I asked her if I could take a photo of her and put it on Facebook. She held up my business card when I took the shot. She’s a fan!

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