Big Tweet-up Under Sunny Skies Last Sunday

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Last Sunday more than twenty persons met on the upper terrace of the café 25° Est to enjoy mild weather, sunny skies, and scintillating company!

Here are photos of the event:

Lindsey Tramuta, Kathryn Reichert, and Lisa Gironda
(c) Discover Paris!

Elinor, Milla Msa, and Leila Florentino
(c) Discover Paris!

Lelia Florentino, Marlys Schürmann, Karin Bates Snyder
(c) Discover Paris!

Lisa and Nikki
(c) Discover Paris!

Forest Collins and Erin Czarra
(c) Discover Paris!

The following Tweeps enjoyed the beautiful day on the terrace:

Monique Y. Wells – Entrée to Black Paris
Lisa Gironda – @BunnyTheCat
Kathryn Reichert – @KNReichert
Lindsey Tramuta – Lost in Cheeseland
Yetunde Oshodi – Like Home in Paris
Forest Collins – 52 Martinis
Emma Bentley – liberté, égalité, crème brûlée!
Eric Fraudeau – Cook’n with Class
Karin Bates Snyder – An Alien Parisienne
Marlys Schürmann – Paris Movie Walks
Leila Florentino – Leila’s Photos & Stuff
Nikki Bayley – @nikkibayley
Jennifer Geraghty Jennyphoria
Linda Donahue – Parisien Salon
Jody Israelshy – @jodyparis
Gail Boisclair – Perfectly Paris
Erin Czarra – @ecinparis
Milla Msa – Not Just Another Milla
Stephanie – La Belle in France

Thanks to Kathryn Reichert and Forest Collins for organizing this magnificent Tweet-up!