Big Tweet-up Last Night in Paris

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Last night was the occasion for yet another lively Parisian tweet-up! This one was held at Creposuk, where veteran tweeps and newcomers alike gathered to chat face-to-face and in person! It was heartening to see—in this day and age of instant, facile electronic communication—so many people who were willing to emerge from cyberspace to assemble together in one material location.

Special thanks to Pamela Poole of Francophilia and Forest Collins of 52 Martinis for organizing the event. Another big thank you to Guillaume Roy, co-owner of Gallia Paris, for putting his beers on sale at a special price. And thank you Creposuk for hosting the event.

A good time was had by all!

From left to right:
Melissa Ladd, Forest Collins, Pamela Poole, and Frederic Hume
(c) Discover Paris!

Guillaume Roy of Gallia Paris
(c) Discover Paris!

Charles Schulz and Melissa Ladd
(c) Discover Paris!

Pamela Poole and Guillaume Roy
(c) Discover Paris!

The following tweeps were party animals for the evening:

Tom (that’s me) Paris Insights
Monique Entrée to Black Paris
Forest 52 Martinis
Kim paris et cie
Karen Bonjour Paris
Melissa Prête-moi Paris
Charles Standards and Freedom
Marlys and Michael Paris Movie Walks and Easy Hiker
Frederic N.0
Pamela Francophilia
Leila Leila’s Photos and Stuff

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