Gallia Beer

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Alexia serves Gallia beer at Creposuk,
a crêperie in Paris
(c) Discover Paris!

Two young entrepreneurs, Jacques Ferté and Guillaume Roy, have recently relaunched Gallia, a beer that was originally brewed in Paris from 1879 to 1968.

I had the occasion to taste the beer at the last Tweet-up, held on Friday, March 25 at Creposuk, a crêperie located on rue Galande in Paris’ 5th arrondissement.

I did not find the flavor of the beer particularly distinctive compared to other blond beers that I have tasted. However, I find the idea of drinking a beer associated with the history and traditions of Paris appealing.

Now brewed in the Czech Republic according to the traditions of Pilsner beers (the use of bottom-fermenting yeasts that produce a pale beer with a prominent flavor and aroma of hops), Gallia is available at numerous bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and wine shops in Paris.

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