Big Bash on the Seine Last Sunday Night

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The Brothers Paris Spring Gala "AllStars" Band
From left to right:
Nicholas Horton, guitar; Hervé Samb, guitar
Sonny Troupé, drums; Allonymous, vocals
Mike Amoogum, bass; Toli Nameless, trombone
Jerry Leoni, keyboard
Video courtesy of Discover Paris!

A fantastic party took place last Sunday night in the French capital on the Seine River. Organized by The Brothers Paris, a group of African-American men who live in the City of Light, the event lived up to its high hopes and expectations.

Called “The Brothers Paris Spring Gala,” the party took place on a barge located directly across the river from the new Fashion and Design Center. It began shortly after 8:00 p.m. as guests arrived to take their places around dinner tables for a delicious three-course meal. Live music started almost immediately, with top-level bands and singers belting out rhythms until around midnight. After that hour, recorded music took over for dancing until 2:00 a.m.

Long-time Paris resident Tannie Stoval was inspired to organize The Brothers Paris shortly after the Million Man March that was held in Washington, D.C. in 1995. He began inviting African-American men who live in Paris to his place for dinner and conversation, and this private, weekly event has become a tradition. Many years later, the group is still going strong, and it recently decided to organize an open event to celebrate African-American culture.

And celebrate it did, in art, poetry, and music!

Master of Ceremonies Christopher Nisperos
(c) Discover Paris!

Guitarist Nicholas Horton
Singers Nat Jones and Joseph Langley
(c) Discover Paris!

Artist Ealy Mays
(c) Discover Paris!

Singer Enricque d'Shawn
(c) Discover Paris!

Trumpet Player Rasul Siddik
(c) Discover Paris!

Writer and Film Maker David Burke
and Gospel Singer Linda Lee Hopkins
(c) Discover Paris!

Bluesman Juju Child
(c) Discover Paris!

Left to Right: Gospel Singers Tori Robinson,
Unknown, Linda Lee Hopkins, Alex Sanders,
Richard Allen, and Sylvia Howard
(c) Discover Paris!

Watch the 36 minute video produced by Joseph Langley: