Tasting Single-estate Coffee at Verlet

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Panama "La Torcaza&#34
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In 1880, August Woehrlé opened his shop Verlet at 256, rue Saint-Honoré selling rice, spices, teas, and coffees. In 1965, his grandson, Pierre Verlet, began stocking and roasting single-estate coffees. Eric Duchossoy, who was born into a family of coffee roasters, took over the direction of the shop in 1995. He proposes a wide variety of fresh-roasted coffee beans from locations around the world, including Asia, the Americas, and Africa.

I stopped by and purchased 250 grams of whole-bean Panama “La Torzca,” which I took home and brewed in my French press. The coffee comes from the Boquete growing region in the Chiriqui province of Panama. Verlet describes the coffee as fine and fruity, and balanced with notes of roasted peanut, currant bud, and dark chocolate.

I find the flavor fruity and slightly sweet with no bitter aftertaste. However, it lacks the robustness and depth of the Mélange Parfait that I reported in my blog of January 12. Perhaps that coffee will be the standard by which I judge all other coffees, be they single-estate or blends!

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