Big Tweet-up Last Sunday at Café de Paris

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There were lots of new tweeters, as well as familiar faces, who showed up at Café de Paris for a big tweet-up last Sunday. Big thanks go to Priscilla Pilon – Weekend in Paris – for organizing it!

Opal and Milla
(c) Discover Paris!

Melissa - Joshua - Sharon - Chris - Richard
(c) Discover Paris!

Bellanda - Monique - Jenny - Alexis
(c) Discover Paris!

Joshua - Priscilla - Richard - Kathryn - Bellanda - Jenny
(c) Discover Paris!

Here’s a list of the attendees’ blogs and Web sites—they all have a lot to say about their experiences in Paris!

Monique: Entrée to Black Paris

Milla: Not Just Another Milla

Opal: Opal Blossoms

Beth: Beth Arnold

Chris: iKangaroo

Melissa: Prête-moi Paris

Jennifer: Jennyphoria

Jenny: Jenny Beaumont

Alexis: The Third Draft

Bellanda: Bellanda Photo

Priscilla: Weekend in Paris

Joshua: c14ism

Lily: Context Travel

Karen: Bonjour Paris

Shannon: JNSQ Blog

Forest: 52 Martinis

Sion: paris(im)perfect

Kasia Dietz has lots more to say about the tweet-up on her blog: Love in the City of Lights. She’s posted some great photos as well!

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