Uganda Chocolate 80%

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Cachet Uganda 80%

Cachet Uganda 80%
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We purchased a 100-gram tablet of Cachet brand dark chocolate from Uganda at the Ambre & Sucre chocolate boutique on avenue des Gobelins in Paris. The tablet is made from 80% forastero coco beans, the most common chocolate bean on the market. “Common” does not mean mediocre however, because the tablet gives off a wonderfully fragrant aroma of chocolate. It has a matte finish, is firm to the bite, and has a soft, almost silky texture in the mouth as it dissolves. Even though it contains 80% dark chocolate, the tablet does not taste bittersweet…just the pleasant, intense, earthy flavor of chocolate comes through!

Ambre & Sucre is the sole distributor of Cachet brand chocolate in Paris.

Ambre & Sucre
10 bis, avenue des Gobelins
75005 Paris
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Metro: Gobelins (Line 7)

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