The Frog at Bercy Village
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Brewmaster Michael Gilmore, left and Assistant Manager Alex Beaufrere, right

The Frog at Bercy Village
Brewmaster Michael Gilmore, left
Assistant Manager Alex Beaufrère, right
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The Frog at Bercy Village is located in one of the wine warehouses that have been preserved at Bercy Village, once the largest wine depot in the world, now an outdoor shopping mall. As well as operating as a restaurant, this establishment is also a microbrewery that produces and serves its own beer.

We dined there and then interviewed the assistant manager, Alex Beaufrère, and the brewmaster, Michael Gilmore, to learn about artisanal beer production. Our review of the restaurant and our report on artisanal beer production can be found in the November issue of Paris Insights, our monthly newsletter about history, culture, and contemporary life in the City of Light. Click here to read the abstract of the article.

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