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Le Miroir d'Eau in the Square Jean-Perrin

Miroir d’Eau in the Square jean-Perrin
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Around the corner from the Champs-Elysées Clémenceau metro station, in the Square Jean-Perrin, stands a large oval fountain designed by sculptor François-Raoul Larche in 1910. Named Miroir d’eau, la Seine et ses affluents, it displays three allegorical groups that represent the tributaries of the Seine. Each group consists of a woman, each accompanied by two children, all evoking nine tributaries: L’Aube, Le Loing, L’Essonne, L’Yonne, L’Armançon, La Cure, L’Oise, La Marne, and Le Petit Morin.

The sculpted marble figures are shown admiring their own reflections in the water, and, at the same time, revealing their magnificent naked buttocks to real-life humans passing by.

Follow the link below for a close-up view:

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