Tasting Belvedere Wine from the Mercouri Estate

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Belvedere by Mercouri Estate
Photograph by www.DiscoverParis.net

At the wine tasting of Mercouri Estate wines that we attended at Mavrommatis two weeks ago, we purchased a bottle of Belvedere, a sweet white wine, and took it home to try.

Belvedere is produced from Malvasia Aromatica grapes. After the harvest, the grapes are allowed to dry in the sun for roughly five to eight days. After pressing and fermentation, the wine is aged for twelve months in new French oak casks. The 500cl bottle that we purchased is from the 2010 production, only 700 of which were produced in that year.

We chilled the wine and then tasted it. A clear, golden wine with brilliant reflections, it has a fruity-sweet aroma of ripe pear and butterscotch. On the palate it is quite sweet, yet at the same time slightly tart.

This is a great wine to serve for dessert.

49, rue Censier
75005 Paris

Mercouri Estate
Korakochori Ilias
27100 Greece

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