Coffee Roasted In-house at Hédiard

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Roasted Coffee Display at Hédiard
(Coffee Roaster in Background)
(c) Discover Paris!

I stopped by the gourmet food emporium Hédiard at place de la Madeleine recently to see what kinds of tempting sweets I could find. This store carries an amazing variety of confections, spices, spirits, wines, fresh fruits, cheeses, teas… I could go on and on, because it’s a gourmand’s paradise! But what caught my eye on this day was the store’s display of a wide selection of coffee beans and its fire-engine-red coffee roaster.

The store clerk told me that Hédiard roasts four of the coffees that it sells. Presumably this means that it gets its other roasted coffee beans from an outside source, but no matter. I selected 250 grams of the in-store-roasted, whole-bean Mélange Hédiard, a blend of Arabica coffee beans from three countries: Brazil, Ethiopia, and Burundi. When I took the coffee home and brewed it, I found the store’s description of the product to be accurate: “strong, dense, and aromatic.” I would also add “full bodied with a slight note of cinnamon.”

After I paid for my purchase, I walked to the coffee roaster to take a picture of it. The clerk waited patiently, then, as I was leaving, hit the start button to begin the process of roasting a new batch of coffee beans. I wish I had had the time to linger awhile to smell the wonderful aromas that must have wafted from the machine!

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