Big-bash Pot-Luck Tweet-up

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Cook 'n with Class
Photo by Discover Paris!

Yetunde Oshodi and Eric Fraudeau’s big-bash pot-luck tweet-up at Eric’s Cook ’n with Class cooking school is now history, and what a bash it was! Participants brought lots of food, including Forrest Collins (52 Martinis), who made some terrific, savory, mushroom caps stuffed with blue cheese and bits of mushroom. Yetunde Oshodi (Feels Like Home in Paris) baked some great cupcakes. Marlys and Michael Schürmann (Paris Movie Walks) brought big red strawberries and luscious, ripe cherries. And after that, I was too busy moving from one delicious serving dish to another to observe what others brought.

Moody Dining Room
Photo by Discover Paris!

Eric’s school is a spacious place with two rooms, one with a large dining room table, a well-stocked wine display, and a large oven, counter space, and a sink. The other room has a serving table, counter space, an oven, and a sink.

When they organized the space for their school five years ago Eric and Yetunde engaged the services of an interior designer. He left a strong mark on the rooms, and they reflect a rather wild imagination, ranging from a spooky chandelier in the grey, moody dining room to a bright, cheery, kitchen-like ambiance in the other. Was this the work of a bipolar personality?

Joyous Kitchen
From left to right:
Jennifer Geraghty, Eric Fraudeau, and Jenny Sundel
Photo by Discover Paris!

In any event, given the spaciousness of the well-equipped school, I could easily imagine how much fun the students who come here to take cooking lessons must have.

Serving Table
Photo by Discover Paris!

Marlys and Michael Schürmann
Photo by Discover Paris!

Milla Msa
Photo by Discover Paris!

Robyn Blaber
Photo by Discover Paris!

Others in attendance were:

Gail Boisclair and her daughter Yasmin: Perfectly Paris
Alexis Niki: Bitchy Witchy the Film
Nikki Bayley (no Web site given)
Jenny Sundel: Jesus Year Project
Robyn Blaber: A Canadian in Paris
Milla Msa: Not Just Another Milla
Kim Laidlaw Adrey: I Heart Paris
Erica Berman: Haven in Paris
Jennifer Geraghty: Jennyphoria
Tom Reeves: Paris Insights

A good time was had by all!

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