Tourist or Traveler: Is There Really a Difference?

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Is there really a difference between a “tourist” and a “traveler,” or is the distinction a superficial, elitist notion? We think that there is a true difference, and we discuss the concept in an essay entitled “Tourist or Traveler” in the abridged edition our book Paris Insights – An Anthology.

And now, for the ridiculously low price of a Tweet, you may download the e-book and read about this and other fascinating things about the Paris that you never knew! Read what is the number one difference between French and American wines in the article entitled “Wining and Dining with Juan Sanchez;” learn about the diversity of worship in the City of Light in the article “Christian Churches in Paris;” and learn why the avenue des Champs-Elysées is an important place in the hearts and minds of Parisians.

Want to learn more about Paris? Click here! (Tourists won’t, we think.)

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