The Eternal Quest for Beautiful Fesses – Our Fesses of the Month

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Tom Taking Photo of Fesses in the Former Delorme Passage

Tom Taking Photograph of Fesses in the Former Delorme Passage
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Most of the covered passages of Paris were built in the first half of the 19th century. Essentially, they were shopping malls that led from one street to another.

Built in 1808, the Delorme passage linked rue de Rivoli at number 188 with rue Saint-Honore at number 177. It was destroyed in 1896, but several bas-relief sculptures that decorated the passage have been preserved. They can be viewed at the entrance of the apartment building at 177, rue Saint-Honoré.

All of the sculptures are of women. One bares here lovely fesses, with her tunic slipping demurely below the level of the fanny.

Follow the link below for a close-up view:

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