Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre

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The Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre is over, but the event has left good memories.

I attended the parade on Saturday. Here are some pictures!

Drummers led the parade…

Drummers Leading the Parade
(c) Discover Paris!

There were big-headed marchers…

Big-Headed Marchers
Discover Paris!

…and there were kids with painted faces…

Child with Painted Face
(c) Discover Paris!

…and there were little kids watching the big-headed marchers.

Little Kids Watching Big-Headed Marchers
(c) Discover Paris!

There were accordionists…

Accordion Players
(c) Discover Paris!

…and there was a cornemuse player.

Bagpipe Player
(c) Discover Paris!

And there were marchers from different regions of France.

Marchers from Brittany
(c) Discover Paris!

There was a woman making a documentary without the assistance of a film crew…

Woman Making a Film
(c) Discover Paris!

…and there were lots of colorful costumes and balloons.

Colorful Crowd
(c) Discover Paris!

A good time was had by all on that beautiful fall day!

Spectators at the Base of
Butte Montmartre
(c) Discover Paris!

Until next year!