Sunday Afternoon on Rue Boyer

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Last Sunday afternoon found me on rue Boyer, in the far-off (from where I live) 20th arrondissement. I happened by a community center called Espace Arts Lebaudy at number 2 and noticed that there was an art and photography exposition going on. I stepped in to take a look, and was glad that I did, because I spoke with some very nice people.

I met Dominique Hervo who was exhibiting color photographs taken by her husband Michel. She told me that the photos that I was looking at were taken last year during the time when Paris had a heavy snowfall. It was Michel’s photo of dappled colors of graffiti on a wall that had caught my eye and brought me in to view the works.

Dominique Hervo
exhibiting photos by Michel Hervo
(c) Discover Paris!

While I was talking with Dominique, the room suddenly jumped to life with the sound of an organ grinder. It was Riton la manivelle, turning the crank of his orgue de Barbarie and singing in a rich, full voice. His music gave a festive atmosphere to the exposition.

Riton la manivelle
(c) Discover Paris!

Next to Dominique was the second exhibitor, a painter named Isabelle Faivre. Many of her paintings were of everyday scenes of Paris. I purchased a postcard of one of them, shown below. While browsing her Web site, I learned that she is also a book sculptor.

Gouache sur toile by Isabelle Faivre
Photograph courtesy of Isabelle Faivre

I purchased a cup of hot chocolate from a woman who was serving beverages and sweet and savory pastries. It turned out that she is the founder of this community center, which, for the moment, receives no funds from the city. Her name is Sylvie Dimet, and she launched Espace Arts Lebaudy under her own initiative in April 1997. The espace offers courses in art and design for children and adults. Sylvie teaches plastic arts and animation. Some of the animated videos that her young students (from 7 to 17 years old) have produced can be seen on the Espace Arts Lebaudy Web site. The espace will host a Festival of Animated Short Films 2D/3D in September 2011. Entry is open to all. Details can be found on the Croq’ Animé Web site. All entries must be received by June 30, 2011.

Sylvie Dimet Founder of Espace Arts Lebaudy(c) Discover Paris!

Sylvie Dimet
Founder of Espace Arts Lebaudy
(c) Discover Paris!