Seven Places to Propose Marriage in Paris
That AREN’T the Eiffel Tower – Part 1
By Lela Lake, Guest Blogger

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Proposing in Paris hasn’t become cliché, but doing it on the Eiffel Tower has since Tom Cruise so publicly made it “his place” to propose to Katie Holmes.

Never fear, there are plenty of equally romantic Parisian spots to pop the question without risking coming off as an unimaginative copycat when it comes to the art of amour!

Sacré-Coeur in the Evening

Sacré Coeur Basilica
If you want to have the Eiffel Tower in the picture for your big moment, consider proposing at the magnificent Sacré Coeur Basilica that has stood over the City of Light since the beginning of the twentieth century. If you climb up the stairs to the dome, you will have the second best view in all of Paris…and this one includes the Eiffel Tower—which is naturally missing when you see the city from “best” view because you’re standing on it! Just make sure your beloved is positioned so the tower is properly placed in the background when you finally work up the courage: the symbolism of the tower could add just the right touch of Eros to your proposal.


Pont des Arts

Pont des Arts
The Pont des Arts bridge that crosses the Seine near the Louvre is a famous setting for lovers to declare their mutual passion—but the recent “love lock” fad has become a target of controversy. Although the origins of this craze remain unclear, the trend of declaring mutual adoration by leaving a padlock affixed to the fencing on the bridge started a few years ago. In a decidedly unromantic response, the city of Paris removed the locks that symbolize so many moments of commitment, but they have reappeared and are perhaps even more numerous than before! If you plan to propose to your beloved while sharing a bottle of wine on the bridge and gazing at the lights of Paris reflected in your lover’s eyes, presenting a padlock along with the ring would be the crowning touch…with the understanding that the lock may be a purely symbolic act if the city once again decides that the “love locks” must go.

Promenade Plantée

La Promenade Plantée
The beautiful Promenade Plantée (planted path) that runs its course above the streets of Paris can be a lovely setting for your proposal to your enchanted intended. The 4.5 km-long walk was once an elevated railway line that fell out of use long ago. With a little help from her friends, Mother Nature has transformed what was an eyesore into a lovely walking path shaded by cherry trees and dotted with secluded benches under wisteria vines. Below the walkway, the viaduct even has some quaint shops and eateries where you can have a nibble before your stroll. Just take the subway to the Bastille station and you’ll soon be far above the maddening crowd as you stroll along arm in arm with your eye out for the perfect “love grotto” to make your move on your future fiancé/e.


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