Santiago Peralta Talks about His Chocolates at Mococha

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Santiago Peralta, Co-founder of Pacari Chocolate

Santiago Peralta, Co-founder of Pacari Chocolate
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Chocolate maker Santiago Peralta recently paid a visit to Mococha, our favorite chocolate shop on rue Mouffetard, to talk about his chocolates. Mr. Peralta hails from Ecuador, where he works with cacao growers to create fine chocolates—the first single-origin organic chocolate made entirely in Ecuador.

Peralta’s company, Pacari Chocolate, won six gold and three silver medals at the International Chocolate Awards in 2012. In 2013, Pacari won five gold and one silver. Awards for the 2014 World Final have not yet been announced.

During Mr. Peralta’s presentation, we had the opportunity to taste a wide variety of Pacari chocolates. While all of the ones that I tasted had astoundingly rich earthy, fruity, and flowery flavors, the most memorable for me were the Raw 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar (silver winner in 2012 and gold and silver winner in 2013 of the International Chocolate Awards) and the Raw 70% Cacao with Salt and Nibs Chocolate Bar (silver winner in 2012 and 2013). For the latter bar, the crunchy bits of salt that had been incorporated into the chocolate added sparkle that brought out the already intense chocolate flavor.

Marie-Hélène Gantois, proprietor of Mococha, announced that she will be selling fourteen varieties of Pacari chocolate until the end of December. For chocolate lovers living in Paris, this is an occasion for purchasing and tasting what is perhaps the best chocolate in the world.

Pamela Revilla Adams - Santiago Peralta - Marie-Hélène Gantois

Pamela Revilla Adams – Founder of Orga France (Importer of Fine Chocolate)
Santiago Peralta – Co-founder Pacari Chocolate
Marie-Hélène Gantois – Mococha Chocolat

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