Nicolsen Chocolates

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Nicolsen Chocolates
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Nicolsen has been making chocolates for eighteen years. We recently purchased three varieties of spicy, dark-chocolate ganaches from its shop on rue Mouffetard.

Poivre – The first bite tasted semi-sweet and smoky, followed by a tingly aftertaste of pepper on the tongue.

Cannelle – This has the same dark-chocolate shell and dark ganache as the first, but it is flavored with zesty cinnamon rather than pepper. The ganache has a slightly grainy texture.

Gingembre – Biting into this chocolate is similar to eating candied ginger. The ganache contains chewy ginger fibers and is quite piquant.

Nicolsen has one shop in Paris, one in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, one in Boulogne, and one in Chavenay, where its production facility is located. As well as its own artisanal chocolates, it also sell Berthillon ice cream. Yum!

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