Le Bon Goût – Our Monthly Restaurant Review

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Nicolas Michel
Proprietor and Chef of Le Cotte-Rôti
(c) Discover Paris!

On the first of each month, we publish a restaurant review, which we call “Le Bon Goût,” for the readers of our Paris Insights newsletter. In it, we not only describe our dining experience, but also write about the chef or the proprietor, and illustrate the review with a photograph of him or her.

We have been reviewing restaurants for many years, and have met many chefs and proprietors who are passionate about the art of preparing great cuisine. By writing about them, we hope that we can communicate their passion to you, their customer.

In this month’s Le Bon Goût we review Le Cotte-Rôti, an unusually decorated restaurant located in the 12th arrondissement. Owner and chef Nicolas Michel told us that he plans to remodel his bistrot this August, but, happily, he will continue to serve the same great cuisine when he reopens in September!

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