La Foire Africaine – Part VI – Behind the Scenes

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Following the opening ceremony on Friday evening, master of ceremonies Daffirma Ibamu escorted dignitaries around the exhibition hall to meet the exhibitors.

Appolinaire Timpiga Compaoré - Daffirma Ibamu

Appolinaire Timpiga Compaoré and Daffirma Ibamu with Bookseller
Photograph by

In the photograph above, Madame Ibamu holds the microphone while a bookseller talks about his books with Appolinaire Timpiga Compaoré, the major sponsor of the faire.

While I was walking around the exhibition hall on Sunday, I ran into Fofo Forey Fumey, a photojournalist whom I met at a recent photo exhibition. Fofo guided me to a press conference that was taking place in a private area where journalist Mica Manquat was interviewing dignitaries.

Ginette Côte d'Ivoire and Mariana-Guinea

Ginette from Côte d’Ivoire and Mariana from Guinea
Photograph by

Two young women (pictured above) acting as hostesses greeted me in the press room. Then, I turned my attention to the conference that was taking place.

Mica Manquat Interviews Dignitaries at the African Fair

Mica Manquat Interviews Dignitaries at the African Fair
Photograph by

In the photograph above, Mica (wearing earphones) poses some questions for Appolinaire Timpiga Compaoré (in the center, to the right of the poster).

Marie-Michaël (Mica) Manquat

Marie-Michaël (Mica) Manquat, Journalist
Photograph by

As well as her work as a journalist, Mica publishes a blog (in French) about Creole culture in Paris.

I didn’t stay for the closing ceremony on Sunday evening, but as I was leaving I stepped into the hall and was greeted by the lovely sight of four women who had won honors at a recent Miss Afro-Ethnic France pageant.

Miss Afro-Ethnic France 2016

Miss Afro-Ethnic France 2016
Photograph by

Acetou Camara of the Soninké community (on the right) is the winner of the title Miss Afro-Ethnic France.

Thanks to Astou Arnould, public relations specialist, who helped me identify many of the people whom I photographed!

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