Welcome to the Paris Insights blog!

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Seventeen years ago my wife and I moved to Paris to experience a more slow-paced and culturally enriched lifestyle.  Our love affair with the city grew with each passing year, and our desire to share our knowledge of, and passion for, Paris grew as well.

In 1999, we founded Discover Paris!TM , a travel planning service for the Paris-bound traveler.  In 2000, we began publishing a monthly newsletter about the City of Light, and in 2008 we published Paris Insights – An Anthology,  a full-color anthology of the best of those newsletters.  This is our Premium edition, and it is available on Blurb.com. In 2010 we published a black-and-white edition, which we call the Travelers’ edition.  Paris Insights – An Anthology has received numerous favorable reviews, and the Travelers’ edition is available on Amazon.

Encouraged by the response that we have received with the publication of our book, we recently decided to publish this blog of our observations about life in this eternally-fascinating city.