Egyptian Project at the Jardin Tino-Rossi

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The Egyptian Project
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Last Monday evening saw the Egyptian Project perform in a free concert at the Jardin Tino-Rossi, a sculpture garden down by the river. While tourist-filled boats plied the water and discharged their passengers on the dock behind the stage of the Franco-Egyptian band, the musicians belted out pulse-pounding rhythms.

The idea for the creation of the band was sparked after French singer and music director Jérôme Ettinger had worked with a number of musicians of different styles and traditions for a number of years. The result is a fusion of traditional Egyptian songs and instruments into a modern style that incorporates trip-hop (downtempo electronic music), hip-hop, and jazz.

It was a powerful performance and the first of a series of free outdoor music concerts sponsored by the city of Paris this summer.

Salama Metwally, Rababa
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Ragab Sadek (center), Percussions
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Little Girl Dancing
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Another Girl Dancing
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Woman Dancing
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