Chocolates from Denise Acabo

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Denise Acabo has been selling chocolates in the Pigalle district of Paris for almost forty years. Her shop, called l’Etoile d’Or, is located at 30, rue Fontaine in the 9th arrondissement. Mme Acabo only sells chocolates from the best chocolate makers in France, and only proposes her favorites to her clients!

Chocolates from Denise Acabo
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Among the confections that we sampled from her shop were Bernachon’s Palet d’or, made with fresh cream and dark chocolate. I found its earthy flavor reminiscent of coffee. Bernachon’s gianduja confection, a mixture of chocolate and hazelnut paste in a tiny, pleated aluminum cup, was topped with a whole hazelnut. The confection had an intriguing, smokey flavor. Bernachon is a family-run enterprise in Lyon, crafting chocolates from cocoa beans that they select, roast, and grind themselves – a true chocolate maker!

We also sampled the famous caramel au beurre salé made by Le Roux of Quiberon (Bretagne), which was delightfully chewy, sticky, and salty; and two delicacies from a chocolate maker in Clémencey (Bourgogne). One of these was a delicately-flavored chocolate and blackcurrant ganache. The other, a truffle-shaped confection consisting of a white chocolate shell enveloping a blackcurrant gel, was a delicious surprise.