Chocolate for Saint Patrick’s Day

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Patrick Roger's Saint Patrick's Day Chocolate
(c) Discover Paris!

Curious to see if any chocolate boutiques in Paris were selling special chocolate confections for Saint Patrick’s Day, we inquired at numerous shops over a period of several days. We were surprised to learn that one sales clerk had never heard of the holy man! Others had prepared or were preparing their molds for Easter, but had no plans to honor Saint Patrick. During our research, we also learned that the wonderful cacao-whisky sorbet made by Berthillon contains Scotch, not Irish, whisky.

Finally, Gary Lee Kraut told us that we could find chocolates for Saint Patrick’s day at Patrick Roger. We quickly learned that only the Roger boutique on avenue Victor Hugo still had a supply. When I entered the store, none other than the great chocolate craftsman himself was there! I was able to purchase some of the last few ganaches that they had in stock.

Patrick Roger’s special chocolates are made with Guinness, the famous Irish dry stout. Although we found the confection to be rich, smooth, and deliciously bittersweet, we could not taste the Guinness. Later, I entered Connolly’s Corner, an Irish pub, and purchased a half-pint of the brew. To my taste, the beer has a mild chocolaty flavor, which would account for its imperceptibility in the chocolate ganache.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Master Craftsman Patrick Roger
(c) Discover Paris!

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