Café des Iles from Comptoirs Richard

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Comptoirs Richard

Comptoirs Richard
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The company Maison Richard started out as a small café, founded in Paris in 1875 by a certain Pierre Feyel. From this humble origin, the enterprise developed as a wholesale distributor of wine, and, in 1955, began producing roasted coffee. Today, the company roasts and distributes 6,200 tons of coffee per year.

The company has seven retail outlets in Paris. I stopped by the boutique at 48, rue du Cherche-Midi and purchased 250 grams of their whole-bean blend of four coffees from Sumatra, Galapagos, Haïti, and Jamaïque Blue Mountain. Called Café des Iles, it releases a spicy-sweet aroma with a hint of cherry when hot water is poured onto the grind. To the taste, it is slightly sweet, full-bodied, and mellow, with just a trace of bitterness.

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