Berthillon’s Cacao au Whisky Sorbet

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Berthillon's Cacao au Whisky
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A few years ago I had the delightful surprise of discovering a sorbet called Cacao au whisky that was sold by the scoop at a café called Le Flore-en-l’Ile. Since then, I have not been able to find it by the scoop, but have found it in half-liter containers at the Berthillon ice cream shop on rue Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile, as well as the chocolate shop Nicolsen on rue Mouffetard. The sorbet is dense and smooth, like a gelato. To the taste, it is intensely bitter and slightly sweet, with a mild whisky flavor. On the palette, it is smooth and rich as ice cream at first, with a slight raspy texture at the finish. The product contains 25% cocoa powder, 10% whisky, and 3% cocoa butter—a wonderful treat to be consumed without moderation!

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