Bellying up to Hemingway’s Bar

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Plaque showing were Ernest Hemingway sat at the bar of the Closerie des Lilas.
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Last Saturday evening we had the occasion to dine with a group of Ohio State University alumni in the upper room of the Closerie des Lilas, a restaurant rich in history. After the dinner, Monique and I descended to the ground floor to see if it was true that there was a plaque marking the spot that American writer Ernest Hemingway occupied when he frequented the bar.

Arriving there, a couple who had just finished their drinks moved away from the seats that they occupied. Spotting the plaque and the empty seats, we decided then and there to sit down, enjoy a cocktail, and relish the moment in this chic place.

But what a price we paid to “relish” the moment—the price of cocktails start at 15€! Taking a deep breath, we each ordered a Kir royal à la fraise des bois.

I guess the adage is true that drinks taste better in Paris, and even better still at the very same spot where Hemingway once sat.

Ernest Hemingway looks down benevolently from above.
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Bartender pouring two 15€ champagne cocktails.
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Proof that we were there.
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Monique and Tom doing their best to relish the 15€/drink champagne moment.
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Why we may never go there again.
May Hemingway rest in peace!

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