A Visit to a Cheese Shop

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Jérôme Boulestreau
Manager of Fromagerie Beillevaire
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Last month, members of the Paris Alumnae/i Network met Jérôme Boulestreau, manager of the cheese shop Fromagerie Beillevaire on rue de Belleville in Paris. He opened his shop to us for a private visit.

The shop is one of ten that the company Beillevaire has opened in Paris. The company began with founder Pascal Beillevaire’s love for dairy products, a passion that developed while growing up on the family farm “La Vacheresse,” located in the Pays de la Loire region near Nantes. Today the company specializes in receiving, fabricating, and aging cheeses, which it distributes through 73 shops and markets in western France and Paris.

Crayeux de Roncq
Photo from La Ferme du Vinage Web site

At the end of Mr. Boulestreau’s presentation, we tasted eight different cheeses. The most memorable was the Crayeux de Roncq (also called Carré du Vinage), a brine-washed, raw cow’s-milk cheese with soft, almost runny, texture. It was smooth, creamy, and had a—whew!—strong flavor. It is produced by fromagère Thérèse-Marie Couvreur at a farm that lies in the north of France, near Lille called “La Ferme du Vinage.”

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Bonne lecture!

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