An Afternoon of Wine Tasting in the Goutte d’Or

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Goutte d'Or Wine Label
Designed by Philippe Ferin

After the parade in celebration of the Montmartre wine harvest, I went over to the Goutte d’Or quarter to participate in a wine tasting that was being held in shops that were hosting the works of local artists.

Naturally, I thought that the wine tasting, which was held in conjunction with the Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre, would feature a white wine from that harvest. However, at my first stop, La Cave de Don Doudine located at 38, rue Myrha, I learned that the wine bearing the Goutte d’Or label was from Burgundy. It had been named in honor of the white wine that used to be cultivated in the Goutte d’Or vineyards in days of yore.

I also learned that only certain shops were hosting artists, while others were not. So I decided to stop only at those that were exhibiting works of art. A shrewd decision on my part! It was at these latter shops where the wine was being poured freely, while at the others, one had to pay for a glass.

The first shop exhibiting art work was the wine shop mentioned above. Artist Olivier Frampas was exhibiting his woodcuts there. You can see his works by clicking here.

Olivier Frampas and Admirer
(c) Discover Paris!

The next stop was at Echo Musée, located at 21, rue Cavé, to see the exposition La Goutte d’Or Vue par Ses Artistes (Goutte d’Or As Seen by Its Artists). This gallery specializes in exhibiting works of local artists. Its Web site can be accesses by clicking here.

Echo Musée and Proprietor
(c) Discover Paris!

The final stop was at Xérographes, just next door at 19, rue Cavé. Its Web site can be accessed by clicking here.

The manager of this art gallery poured me a generous glass of the Cuvée Goutte d’Or. The wine is a Chardonnay produced in the south of Burgundy in a region that bears the standard AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée). The standard is a guarantee that the wine comes from a fixed geographical region—in this case the area known as Viré-Clessé. When I tasted the balanced, well-rounded wine I noted aromas of peach and apricot, with a touch of honey.

(c) Discover Paris!

After leaving the gallery, I strolled around the quarter and came upon a number of street musicians who were providing musical entertainment for the wine-tasting crowd.

Organ Grinder
(c) Discover Paris!

Street Musicians
(c) Discover Paris!

I plan to return to the Echo Musée to view more carefully some of the fascinating works that I saw during this visit.

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