Four Chocolates

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Four Chocolates
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Yesterday, we purchased four chocolates from Mococha, our favorite chocolate shop on rue Mouffetard: Dôme praliné fondant, Carré blanc avec pépites de praliné, Ganache pain d’épices, and Dôme vert avec caramel. All are made by Patrice Chapon, who won the Grand Prix de la Mairie de Paris 2003.

The Dôme praliné fondant (upper right in photo) has an assertive flavor. It is composed of a crispy mix of nuts (almonds, hazelnut, and pistachio) enrobed in dark chocolate. A touch of salt (sel de Guérande) gives it zest.

The Carré blanc contains a sweet hazelnut filling. The confection is topped with grains of crunchy hazelnut seed. The subtle flavors of the white chocolate and light praliné filling blend into a delicate taste sensation!

The Ganache pain d’épices with its intense spice-cake flavor of cloves and nutmeg stirs memories of the Christmas season!

Finally, the Dôme vert avec caramel (lower left in photo), is made with smoked and salted butter, lime, and dark chocolate. The finely speckled, tangy lime-chocolate dome contains a soft filling of delicious caramel.

Marie Gantois, proprietor of the shop, told us that it will close for the summer holiday from August 9 through August 23.

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